Saturday, 26 May 2012

Beaver trapping in Ottawa's Greenbelt - a conservation area

So, here we have trapping along Hunt Club Road, near Moodie Drive, in the conservation area, the Greenbelt of Ottawa. If beaver are not allowed in city streams and storm water ponds, and not allowed in conservation areas, where are they supposed to go? Obviously to beaver heaven, courtesy of the NCC (National Capital Commission) and City of Ottawa. 

This would be the perfect place to install a flow device and culvert protector because the culvert runs under Hunt Club Road. Why can the city of Cornwall listen to their residents who want to protect their city beaver, while our pleas fall on deaf ears? Why is Ottawa, the nation's capital, so full of old-fashioned, cold-hearted sour pusses, who would rather brutally kill our beaver than consider using cost-effective, long term and humane solutions?

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