Saturday, 30 June 2012

City workers destroy Lily and Lucky's lodge

On Friday, June 29th, City of Ottawa workers destroyed Lily and Lucky's home. The beaver were not taking down trees or blocking the culverts. They were not doing anything wrong. There might have been baby beaver (I was told that someone saw two about two weeks ago), and if so, they were probably killed. Only one beaver has been seen, desperately trying to rebuild their lodge. This is an outrage and unnecessary. The beaver cannot leave the pond because the water levels are too low, so they are stuck there, in danger from cruel and nasty neighbours who want them dead. Please call Mayor Watson's office and explain how unnecessary this was, how cruel. And, very important, ask "Where is the humane Wildlife Strategy that you PROMISED last year when these beaver were saved from being trapped and killed after a huge public outcry!" Call 613-580-2496, Email is

Read this excellent blog by Heidi Perryman of the Martinez beaver for more information and background details. Here is a photo of Lily yesterday, trying to rebuild her home.