Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bad news for beavers - CBC News reports that beavers are known for their dam-building abilities, which causes problems for local farmers and along exercise trails where trees in excess are chewed down. In March 2011, “the provincial government of Canada had pledged $500,000 to help remove beavers and dams from areas where water-loving animals are causing damage.” (The money was matched by rural municipalities.)

The money was matched???? So, this means a cool million to slaughter beaver. I love how our government uses the word "remove" so that people think the beavers are relocated. When I started publicizing the fact that the beaver in our pond were not to be 'removed and relocated' like everyone thought was the case, AND that they'd be crushed to death in conibear traps, boy oh boy did that cause people to sit up and take notice!

NOTE: Canada’s Department of National Defense has placed an initial order of 1,000 beaver fur-trimmed caps at a cost of $65,000. The hats are for use by guards of honor and Canadian Forces for winter protection. (Globe and Mail)

Monday, 14 November 2011

This wonderful beaver poem by Mark Seth Lender aired on Living on Earth October 7th, 2011. It is set to footage of the Martinez Beavers. Enjoy! 

Welcome everyone to our celebration of Lily and Lucky! We will be posting the incredible story of how they were saved from being trapped and killed by the City of Ottawa, along with news articles, videos, photos, art, etc. Please join our blog and follow the updates about these wonderful aquatic residents of Paul Lindsay Park pond in Stittsville! Here is one of our rare photos of Lily - we hope to share more soon.