Monday, 12 March 2012

More beaver killing in Ottawa - "Beavergate"

In the first week of February, two beaver at Hog's Back, in the Rideau Canal, were trapped and killed, using snares. The NCC and Parks Canada were responsible. They still maintain that the traps were live traps, not snares. However, the woman who spoke to the trapper and took photos of the traps confirmed that they are snares. The trapper admitted that he changed his mind about using live traps because there were too many people and dogs around. ??? And, someone from the Ministry of Natural Resources later confirmed the trap was a snare. Yet, according to the MNR, snares are illegal in Ottawa. Plus, everyone knows you can't live trap and relocate beaver in the winter or they'll die. This is all such a farce. An Access to Information has been filed with the NCC, requesting all correspondence between the NCC and Parks Canada regarding the trapping of these two beaver. The beaver were allegedly chewing on the canal wall (beaver don't just chew old dead wood for kicks) and taking down trees on people's property. They were not doing either of these things. The trees they had taken down were in the buffer zone along the canal. These were all excuses to exterminate the beaver. The NCC just couldn't be bothered to take any time or make any effort to change their antiquated ways and do things humanely. Here is the Metro News B-S article. A journalist with the CBC is looking into this...maybe we'll see a follow up article, and gee, maybe the truth will be told. Oh what tangled webs we weave....

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