Friday, 27 July 2012

In an effort to make the beaver leave the pond at Paul Lindsay Park in Stittsville, the City of Ottawa has obliterated their home and is continuing to remove any new efforts by the beaver to rebuild a new lodge. Two very young kits, ousted from their home too early, have survived with Lily, but her mate Lucky has not been seen. The beaver cannot relocate because the drought has caused all of the waterways around the pond to dry up, even the Poole Creek Wetlands near by. These baby beaver cannot survive on their own. Lily has tried to rebuild a new home all alone, and if the City keeps callously destroying it, the kits could die. There is no risk of flooding at this pond, the beaver are not causing any trouble. Enough is enough, the City MUST stop harassing and endangering these beaver!
Here is Lily, asleep with one of her kits, on the bank of the pond at 8 am. She and her babies are homeless.
Watch a video of Lily and one of her kits.

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